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Inspire Fitness is more then simply a gym, we are a welcoming fitness studio offering customized, gratifying workouts as well as exercise and nutrition tips to help you meet your individual fitness goals. We believe that people benefit from working with a personal trainer. Having an appointment with a trusted professional is an effective and successful way to help our clients get to the gym. We are about using what works best to attain YOUR goals. We’ll mix up your workouts to keep them fresh, challenging and invigorating using the latest fitness apparatus, tools and techniques.

We also understand that using a personal trainer is a luxury. You deserve this luxury and we’ve made it accessible for you. So come and find your community in North Stamford with us. You’ll find yourself looking forward to seeing your friends here. You’ll be pushing one another and inspiring one another to reach your goals. It will be as if you have your own personal cheering squad.

We are open seven days a week by appointment.

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Private Training

Customized. Invigorating. Challenging. Workout one-on-one with your trainer to reach your fitness goals.

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Group Training

Motivating.  Supportive.  Exciting.  Training for Warriors, Bootcamp & Pilates are for those who want to augment their personal training with classes or prefer a group setting.

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Partner training

Having a buddy keeps you motivated and accountable! Workout with a friend or family member or let us pair you up. And it’s a great value.

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Why our Clients Love Us

Nick S

Great trainers. Welcoming atmosphere. Customized workouts that match trainees’ needs and goals. Simply the best.