The Team

The Team

Here at Inspire Fitness the trainers are not intimidating but rather friendly, professional and caring. Although all may have their different training styles, each is welcoming, competent, motivating and attentive to every client’s individual needs. All of our trainers are certified and continue their ongoing education. Since our personal trainers are key to your experience we invest in each of ours to make sure they will provide you with the best workout.

Brian McMaster

Owner: 11 Years Experience

Fitness and athletics have always been an important part of Brian’s life having grown up a multi-sport athlete. Brian has coupled this interest with more than 20 years helping people as part of the health care continuum. He decided to change focus in 2003 to help address peoples health needs as a personal trainer. This work has seen him work with a vast array of people, from young teens to octogenarians. In 2012 Brian and Wendi decided to partner to open their own studio. Brian will assist you to become better by tailoring workouts to fit your needs and abilities.

  Strong First, SFG1
  Functional Movement Screen
  TRX suspension/RIP trainer
  Training for Warriors
  DVRT sandbag/Animal Flow

Wendi Hoak

Owner: 7 Years Experience

Wendi discovered her passion for fitness when a back injury led to a personal journey of building strength. She became a certified personal trainer in 2009, channeling her passion into a new career. Wendi loves to help her clients be the best they can by teaching them to nurture their wellbeing. She believes that prioritizing your wellbeing is vital; that health & fitness affects every aspect of our lives and can define the quality of all our experiences.

Feeling connected and giving back to her community is important to Wendi. She is part of Stamford’s JCC Center Women Board and is involved in fund raising for Help Our Military Heroes and Stamford Hospitals Bennett Cancer Center. The Hope In Motion 5K is one of her favorite annual events.

  TRX suspension/RIP trainer
  DVRT sandbag
  AFFA Certified
  Training for Warriors

Ali Joseph

8 Years Experience

Passion for fitness started as a child because of the many different sports Ali played growing up. He believes that health is wealth and without your health you have nothing. He is glad that he can play a small part in helping people live a healthy life.

  DVRT Sandbag
  Training for Warriors

Liz Diamond

Combining a love for fitness with her social work background, Liz brings positivity and personal growth to her approach with each of her clients.  Physical activity has been a consistent part of life for Liz, from hiking with her family to triathlons, half-marathons, and the constant chasing of her three kids. She loves sharing her enthusiasm for healthy living with her clients.

  HKC - Kettlebell
  DVRT- Sandbag
  Training for Warriors
  AFFA Certified

Marysa Fiorita

Marysa Fiorita is a Stamford, CT native. Marysa's passion for fitness began at a young age as a gymnast competitor. After a career in accounting Marysa decided to pursue her passion for fitness and enrolled in The National Personal Training Institute where she learned hands on application of fitness and nutrition. Marysa is dedicated to her clients needs and loves helping others. She is currently enrolled at Columbia University studying to complete her Master of Social Work. She believes the mind creates the body and that prioritizing mental, emotional, and physical health leads to the most fulfilling life.

  Kane School

Will Meyers

4 Years Experience

Since grade school gym class I always knew I wanted an active profession. During High School I loved my time playing football and running track. I attended Lyndon State College marjoring in Exercise Science; earning a B.S. in Strength and Conditioning. Throughout college I worked with D3 sports teams in the weight room, and athletic training office. Since College I have accumulated years of experience in high school strength and conditioning, large and small group exercise, and personal training with people of all ages and abilities. I believe that a healthier you is a happier you, and love to see people grow confidence in themselves and inspire others.

  B.S. Exercise Science
  DVRT Ultimate Sandbag
  Training for Warriors
  HKC Kettlebell (as of March 12th)
  CPR/First Aid